Discover the world of Ricardo Bofill

Discover the world of Ricardo Bofill.

If the architecture world was compared to Star Wars, Ricardo Bofill would be a Jedi Master, a sort of Obi Wan Kenobi of the world of construction. Bofill is an inspiration, not just to his peers, but to rebellious voices across the world. Expelled from his university, barred from working in his home country, Bofill became an international legend, erecting buildings in every continent across the world. From the W Barcelona to 77 Wacker Drive to his masterpiece, the Walden 7, Bofill’s designs set to change the way we view the world. Our San Juan – Barcelona conversation began chatting about an unfinished project he had design for the capital of Puerto Rico. The now cement infested Convention Center area was originally designed as a seashell like park that would’ve completely transformed the island’s urban planning. But, alas, it made it only to blueprint. For 45 minutes, we had a metaphysical conversation about the creative process, the importance of a nomadic life and why modern architecture, as we know it, is approaching its swan song.
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