Celebrating five years of Mediterranean fashion for men.

Five years ago we decided to leave London and settle in Barcelona, during this time, Hercules came about, a project that wanted to bring the sunshine and sensuality of the Mediterranean to the publishing world. We think there’s no better way to celebrate this very special anniversary than by coming to you with this limited edition photography book conceived in collaboration with thecorner.com, one that presents some of the most iconic images we’ve produced over the years mixed with unseen, uncensored scenes from past issues of Hercules and artwork specially created for this project.

In the today’s over crowded world of publishing, 5 years and 10 issues (VX) means a loads of images that mean a lot to us. We couldn’t be more grateful to be able to show you our own approach to men’s fashion and lifestyle. We’re blessed by all the people who have made Hercules possible: those that helped us along the way, and those that still believe that dreams can come true if you work hard. This book marks the end of an era in Hercules, so we’ve published it to celebrate our anniversary and mark the beginning of a new time in the cosmos of Hercules Universal. We sincerely hope that you can make room to always have us with you.

Only 300 limited edition copies are available to purchase exclusively on thecorner.com from October 26th 2011.