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An anniversary is normally celebrated for milestone amount of times be five years or a centenary. This issue is our ninth, but we figure that’s equal to about 50 in independent-magazine-years, giving us plenty of cause to celebrate.

We are throwing a party in print with our biggest issue to date, and we have invited the best talent in fashion, photography, beauty and art to take part in the fashion festivities.

Our travel portfolio has been super-sized for the occasion, encompassing several compelling destinations that rival each other for their beauty and excitement. There are epic North African sunsets beside the sunny American beauty of Fire Island beaches. A few pages away, the enchanting tropical city of Havana showcases a passionate environment that matches Hercules’ energetic take on fashion. This Endless Affair spans continents – over a dozen destinations with 40 models and the talent of hundreds that make up our creative teams.

But new destinations are meaningless without meeting the people, architecture and artefacts that lend them their vibrancy. So we travel to Milan where Storage Milano, a team that is revolutionising Italian commercial interiors, showed us the shape of spaces to come. The iconic art mastermind Richard Philips gives us insight onto the future of creativity at the highest level. And finally our cover star actor Jeremy Irvine shows us that he’s not just an up-and-coming actor with wholesome good looks, but also a man with designs on an ever-evolving and ever-complex film industry.

As you gear up for the summer and take us on your own journeys, we thank you for being our travel companions over the past nine years as readers and contributors. We look forward to seeing you in six months for our next adventure.