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When we launched our first magazine eight years ago, we wanted to take a different approach to publishing. So we started a men’s magazine that had a different approach to fashion and lifestyle than the gentlemanly titles that pervaded the market. Back then, men’s fashion was a fraction of the size it is today. And while that sector has been growing, the womenswear arena has somewhat languished. Whatever happened, we thought, to timeless and iconic women’s imagery? Why is womenswear either conservatively minimal or a dressing-up box? Whatever happened to just vamping it up and enjoying fashion and style? With our new magazine, we have set ourselves the mission of bringing back the chicness and glitter of the women that have populated our moodboards for years.

They represent aspiration, strength, personality and modernity. “Women on top” is our tagline, and that is what VAMP is all about: women and power, women and sex, women and success and women in control who are not afraid to bring out their inner femme fatale.
So what is a VAMP? A vamp has an attitude and an opinion about life. A vamp is not indifferent. A vamp enjoys beauty where she chooses to find it. But as it is better to show things than rely on words alone, look at these pages to see what we mean. Let’s #vampitup.

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