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“I have always had ambition. I have always had energy. I have always had success… The future will be fascinating to design, and I want to be there!” said Roy Halston Frowick back in the 80s, the era of excess.

These days, when neo-minimalism is simplifying wardrobes everywhere, the days of more-is-more fashion may seem irrelevant. But with a focus planted firmly on the future, much like Halston’s was, we are using this, our second issue of Vamp, to think about the “femme fatale” of tomorrow and how she is taking form today.

As our smart phones keep us relentlessly up to date with everything from current affairs (in every sense of the word) to throw-back-Thursdays, we are all more aware of the world around us. That said, we have not lost our ability to fantasize and to dream – and our ambition is still in fighting form. We see how far we can go, and we work (it) harder to get there.

Today’s strong working woman looks for quality and aims for goals that will last beyond tomorrow. She strives for excellence with an attention to detail and an ambitious lifestyle. We try to capture all these qualities in Vamp, and we are showing what this type of progressive world might look like for fall.

Here at Vamp, we are tailoring winter’s fashion offering to the woman of today. We believe in conveying a strong message about what it means to be ‘now.’ While our first issue focused on “being the woman you always wanted to be,” this second issue concentrates on the beauty of personality and character that transcends the physical.

The women we feature in this issue are prime examples of successful characters that got ahead with the strength of their personality without relying on their (considerable) physical beauty. We hope you enjoy this second issue, which is, as always, dedicated to women on top.